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prayer to holy gem

Different Perman astri opportunities. You know we have a there is these things are actually written in a book there is on the revival Reformation website. We’re not going to give you time appears to talk.

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And not just your pastor but start with the pastor or whoever is in leadership and then get the church members involved and. That is not going to change until the Holy Spirit is at work. Week of preaching or the weekend or the or the month of preaching it’s the consecration the prayers and the preparation that happened before and that is when God starts working and divine appointments start happening and and people start coming in I also encourage to get a list of in active members and start praying for those that are not coming to church I think of.

And we had our prayer was actually in the closet of the workers in that mall because it was done in a mall and we had we didn’t have. That it’s a native mat and it was this big I think you know this mall not big and there were like 12. But you know what the sad thing the next year they didn’t think that the prayer team is not is needed. So they went on we do prayer by to us anyways when we came in to the today venue to succeed we saw that there are empty seats and no standing room speaker it is different I mean the appeal was made there were almost $100.00 people OK And then I begin to realize we could have done more if we took it seriously so that is what I can. Thank you for that did part of the story.

So when we come together in our prayer groups we actually discourage people from sharing your prayer request what’s your per request OK What’s yours no we don’t even go there. So they asked another friend but this friend has as a wife so God bless them with not just 3 but 4 so they prayed 3 times a day if you get this how many times 3 times a day friends it’s a good thing that they work in the same place so.

In just a matter of 2 weeks 30 plus backslidden members came back to the church. They did not do an evangelistic series they did not do house to house visitation they prayed and prayed and each and every person who came back to the church they asked Oh praise God you are here oh tell me your story that it didn’t say why are you back. Tell me your story is that I was just convicted one day that I have to get out of that life and come back to the Lord and same story one after another my dear friends if you want to see the Lord work we have to be ready to be inconvenienced we have to be ready to sacrifice.

There’s a mighty power in prayer our great adversaries constantly seeking to keep the troubled soul away from God an appeal to heaven by the humblest saint is more to be dreaded by Satan than the decrees of cabinets of the mandates of kings. We keep trying you know we’re trying to help people see you know there’s a lot of issues a. That God can save san pancracio be lost so Prayer is the key I think I was thinking about. I’m not sure here Jim if I have if we put your testimony later on but I could share a number of stories how we’ve seen God working in division leadership you know they’re struggling because there’s a lot of pride in competition over who’s in office and there was this one particular division.

prayer to holy gem

And tell them Sorry I have another prayer session in another place so the only way to deal with this is on your knees the solution is not practical is spiritual we have to be in our knees when things are not walking are not working out let us continue to humble ourselves before God yes. Maybe you’re going to do something different if it’s going to be long term if it’s going to be long term it needs to be something that you can maintain and be consistent and also set those prayer goals the number 7 is pride.

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Oh OK. If Church leadership is not cooperated we’re on the point communicate with your leadership get them on board. Do we want to deal with that more in the next session or do you want to I could share something Mel.

  • She was just like and and since it’s a girl I asked my friend hey go to her.
  • I just want to share testimony I can’t remember if I share this last time but from the 100 days of prayer leading up to G.C.
  • And that’s why I was crying it was I saw a spiritual battle happening and it there was swift there scary but then I saw angels of the Lord standing on each and every person who is praying around the circle.
  • session this woman came to me from from Kenya and she was so excited they had been having.
  • And like the Lord opened my eyes and I saw evil angels trying to come and destroy the the prayer session that we had.

Thinking of several examples in my mind and you might have something to share along that line to. Where they’ve started praying over the list of the inactive members and within weeks they started seeing those different people come back into the church The only thing that changed is that they were praying for them by name Lord please work in their hearts bring them back help them to see their need and that makes a difference we could share a lot of testimonies about that.

With pain your muscular therapy to to help channel funds to Panama to his home country and starting a. Program there and he’s here in the States right now and this is something new that’s just happened and I’m not going to let you share right now because we don’t have enough time but he’s santa rita been talking to Jim and I share and he’s been part of our prayer team he’s come with us to the G.C. to pray and so we’re really thankful for for Andy and what God’s doing in his life but he’s working with a number of professional people and his business is prayer and he tells them that.

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I will leave unnamed around the world that sometimes it took him 2 or 3 days to get through this voting process for new elected leadership just because there’s so much inter inter fighting and stuff going on and I hate to say this but you know we have struggles. Anyway between different people. What a difference yes what a difference prayer and humility of heart will make I think of an evangelistic series that was actually occurring in the Philippines and. I think they were they had maybe just started and Melissa was part of this is as well and they had they had people coming but it wasn’t that many at that time the series it started but they asked Melissa or prayer leader to go and have prayer with the leadership and the conference leadership and all was included in that and so. And it was just overflowing and I remember when when we had that evangelistic series we had a very small prayer you know in the Philippines floor it’s.

prayer to holy gem

This is one thing that I would like to tell you. Being in a prayer ministry it’s not a popular ministry you’ll face a lot of oppositions and I remember when when when Melissa and I went to the Philippines and we were asked to lead out and all councils in conferences we were invited by some officers but some of the leaders are not comfortable with with us and I was asked to lead out a group of people every day of that.

As we bring this session to a close. So we lead out and I was expecting that people will do will be blessed the same as the same way my dear friends it was the ugliest prayer session.

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