Cómo pedirle algo a Dios


prayer to pass exam holy gem

come upon me what I see most has come upon me that our first topping we’re going to pray tonight. there must be a turn around tonight. what you have nothing to lose you are moving into your enemies You are changing your situation. You are defying every person in your life by fire by. Your first prayer that we’re going to pray you want you.

Nunca pierdas de vista lo realmente importante Los exámenes son temporales. Pero servir y buscar a Dios tiene valor para la eternidad.

  • Desde el 8 de abril de 1881 hasta 1885, cuando renunció, había recaudado cuatro mil dólares para la deuda de la iglesia.
  • Fields, como todas las demás personas de color en los Estados esclavistas, tuvo muy pocas oportunidades de cultivar su intelecto y adquirir conocimientos.
  • De esta cantidad él mismo recaudó en efectivo, donado por los blancos, la suma de dos mil cincuenta y siete dólares con cincuenta y un centavos.
  • Fields ha construido para su gente una iglesia de ladrillos muy fina a un costo de más de ocho mil dólares.

this day is the day of goodness tonight May it be a day of your goodness May God brought to bring you into a place of abundance. May God bring you to a place of supernatural san jose abundance May God bring you to a place where they think that is a bit the place of death, but it’s a bit a blessing of abundance. It’s should be a place of elevation.

Se me permite reconocer que la vida es dura, pero a través de mi sufrimiento, veo a Dios.

They are destroyed people’s marriage. They are destroyed families mothers are eating their own children mothers are eating their own baby mothers are doing well that they cannot think about that are we I become expensive people of god The king. Was became afraid because of the noise of the las.

And the Bible said the price when they go to the enemies come what they were afraid was not there the price the enemies were afraid of them and the plan for their lives. Your enemies will be afraid of you the witches in your father’s so that you are you are free tonight. They will be afraid of you by fire by tender by tender by force in the place of death, it becomes it became a place of blessings and abundance they entered and the soulful they were stubborn at the gate of Samaria now. Abundance of food abundance of abundance of sober abundance of God abandon abandoned they’re walk into the abundance and I we got nothing to lose when we stay here we will die when we go to the city we will die and then when you go to the endless, maybe they will leave us. We will only die we have nothing to lose my brother, my brother, my sister, you have nothing to lose confront your.

Go to your enemies Possess your possession in the name of Jesus Your enemies are blessing in disguise God will use your in to bless you in the name of Jesus. Thank you, Lord and the last thing those who were called the outcast those who are caught that no entity those that maybe your family don’t come through. It’s worth it Maybe when they are, they are talking about the great. They don’t consider you as one of them you’re you’re you’re you are just not before people. The los what society has rejected the lamps that the society have landed.

Dios te ayudará a perseverar

prayer to pass exam holy gem

Move with me tonight, we are entering into a time of prayer enough is enough. You have nothing to lose fear is a prisoner hope will set you free feel will rob you of your breakthrough fear will rob you of every ten Jesus said he loses his life will gain oraciones a la virgen maria it. He will protect his life will lose it onto you come to a point that you are not afraid you are not afraid to lose. That is the that is the state you start winning in life when you are. To you, you’ll be you’ll be you you’ll start losing and Joseph.

prayer to pass exam holy gem

Drop them at the gate of Samaria so that they should be for us The Bible said They were the people that God use to bring deliverance to the to the city of Samaria The Bible says that is that today is a good news. It will stay here, according to second seven. Last night, And so when we stay here. So then they’re set to one another.

Of God’s goodness so today is the day of goodness to not I prophesy upon your life where the people have pushed you. so that san antonio the thing that your life will be rotten. don’t make the law or your steps by by power by in the name tonight I want.

Be afraid of you in the name of Jesus. People of God, the Bible says the king of Syria. With san antonio this the that they have destroyed all the economies they have destroyed people’s businesses.

What what to the laps go use the same thing to bring miracle to name anything that have brought him Do you have anything that has humiliated you are anything that have disgrace you are do not let the lord use it to bring glory to the Lord. use it to bring blessing it will be the Lord use it to destroy your enemies by fire by tender.

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